Dear Homeschool Mama,

You are enough.

No, you’re more than enough.

You are brave and resilient.

You are selfless and kind.

You are a pioneer among your people.

You are a visionary for your family.

You are confident in your choices.

You are a leader worthy to be followed.

You are a servant in every aspect of your life.

You are valued. Today. And tomorrow. And for generations to come.

You are strong.

This week I visited my old place of work, where I was valued. And was reminded of how much worth I had when I was working a full-time job. I remember myself feeling valued, appreciated, and recognized almost daily. My bosses would praise my efforts. My co-workers enjoyed my company. Students and Faculty looked up to me for guidance and support.

And this past week, I felt that admiration again. For the hour that I visited and reconnected with past co-workers, I was reminded of how valued I was in their eyes. And I was also affirmed as a homeschool mom.

In the depths of the daily grind, I don’t remind myself why I’m doing this. Why God has me on this path. I don’t explain to myself or my kids or my other homeschool mama friends why we chose to homeschool. But, ladies, we are amazing.

We are guiding the next generation.

We are choosing a different path that isn’t easy and doesn’t always come with support from family and friends.

So, let me be the one to tell you that you are doing an amazing job. Yes, you.

The one who yelled at their child today for not understanding the math work.

The one who overcooked dinner.

The one who forgot to pack snacks for the field trip.

The one who drank three cups of coffee before anyone else woke up.

The one who doesn’t wake up before their kids because she’s up at all hours of the night.

The one who cried trying to teach her child to read.


You. Because you also…

Wiped tears and tried that math again (or made the decision to go a better route for what your child needs)

Fed your family. Cereal counts.

Taught your child a lesson in patience and delayed gratification. Or asked a friend for snacks and realized it’s ok to not always be prepared.

Did whatever it took to run your family well.

Did whatever it took to fill yourself up so you can pour out to those around you.

Cared so hard about your child’s education that it pains you.

You are enough. And more than enough for your unique family.

You are strong and brave and don’t ever forget it.


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